What is Digital Workspaces

Digital workplaces are online platforms that enable employees of an organisation as well as team members to remotely access systems and tools. This can be done from any device be it smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop computers. Digital workspaces can be very useful during instances such as outbreaks of diseases, natural disasters and others. Work can be effectively continued, despite not the entire team not being to assemble in office premises. This is done by placing all files and tools on cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. SGS Technologie understands this as we are a software development and website designing company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida with bases in Tallahassee (Florida) and Frisco (Texas). We explain how digital workspaces function and their advantages in this post.

How to Use Digital Workspaces?: • A customised web application or an online database is developed and hosted on a cloud platform.

• All systems of a company can be connected to the developed application. This can be achieved through Wi-Fi or other means of internet connectivity.

• The web presence is given a Unique IP address which can be accessed by only authorised users and/or employees of that company.

• It will always be available and will withstand any external threat or damage.


Easy Accessibility: Employees of an organisation can access files and to their work from anywhere if digital workspaces are implemented. This will be a big advantage if social distancing or limitations of transport must be implemented for unexpected incidents such as natural disaster or health crises. Also, it enables a simpler and more flexible work style that can in turn improve productivity.

Enhanced Security: A complete view into network traffic, users, files, and endpoints can improve system security. Hence, it becomes easier to handle challenges of internal and external threats. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can also be integrated in digital workspaces for securing company data from hacks, malware, and end-user mistakes. Moreover, access to files, tools and more can be categorised based on job role, location, device, or activity.

Easy Technology Upgrades: Organizations such as government agencies and finance companies can adapt new technologies without worrying about security or compromised user experiences. Any application; be it SaaS, web or mobile can be accessed from a single platform and their upgrades will be automatically implemented. Hence, all systems and/or applications in a firm will remain unfirmly updated with latest versions. And, all of them can be managed in one console on the back end.

Lesser Costs: Investments on office spaces, infrastructure and computer systems will be lesser by a huge quantum as all work can be done remotely. Besides these, it will be easier to supervise and manage the activity of each employee and/or team member through the platform as all activities will be visible at the same time. This saves a lot of useful time as well.

SGS Technologie can develop such as customised digital workspace for you. Reach out to us through mail, phone or direct visit for more discussions.



We are one of the top software development & web design companies in Florida that doesn’t simply talk services — we accomplish them.

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SGS Technologie

We are one of the top software development & web design companies in Florida that doesn’t simply talk services — we accomplish them.